Travel Charges 2017/18

  • Adult (17 - 64) £18
  • Non Members £28

  • OAP (65+) £13
  • Non Members £28

  • Students with ID £13

  • Youth (14 -16) £13
  • Non Members £18

  • Junior (under 14) £11
  • Non Members £16

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Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions apply to both matchday and branch meetings.

Matchday Travel Booking/Entry

Bookings can be made via the website anytime upto one month in advance of the date, or in person with Richard Price (Secretary) on matchdays.  Any bookings made without prepayment will still be expected to pay the amount due if you havent cancelled in more than 48 hours of the travel date.

You can apply for branch membership on your first trip but it will not be activated until after the first trip so you will still be charged the full non-member amount for travel on that day, then once your membership is activated you will be eligle for cheaper fares from then on.

Manchester United Supporters Club Hereford Branch (MUSC Hereford) reserve the right to deny entry onto the coach for the following reasons:

  • You have falsely purchased the wrong the travel option
  • You are under the influence of drugs or are heavily intoxicated with alchohol
  • You owe the Branch money and are not willing to clear your debt
  • You have displayed an aggressive verbal/physcial behaviour and are a danger to other passengers
  • You are attempting to bring alchohol on the coach
  • You are currently banned/suspended from travel and branch activity

Any payments made to us for travel are refundable if the fixture is suspended/cancelled before we set off, please allow 1-2 weeks for prepayments to be refunded.

Juniors (under 14) must be accompanied by an Adult or OAP, we reserve the right to refuse entry to Juniors if they are unaccompanied.

The Coach operates a NO SMOKING & NO ALCOHOL TO BE CONSUMED ON THE COACH Policy in accordance with current Laws.

We ask that all members and non members alike understand that there will be a mixed age group on every excursion, so adult language will not be appreciated, along with agressive behaviour or adult themed conversation.  Please respect the children and OAP's at all times.

Failure to adhere to the above regulations may result in suspension from travel, with more serious cases being subjected to lifelong bans.  We have no wish to carry out an such action unless we feel that extent of the violations have caused considerable offence.

Functions & Meetings

During any official function involving the Branch you are required to understand that there will be a mixed age group, so adult language will not be appreciated, along with agressive behaviour or adult themed conversation.  Please respect the children and OAP's at all times.

Please DO NOT SMOKE in any function room/meeting room held by the Branch.

If you are invited to an event held in conjuction with the Branch please respect any dress code specified on the invitaion (unless non specified).

We are not permitted to hand out any contact details of any non members or members.  We would be happy to contact any person on your behalf and pass on your details with your consent.

Committee Meetings are attended by committee members only, if you wish for any details of recent committee meetings they are available on request.

During the A.G.M please respect the opinions of all members, we all want the same thing, we want the coach to be a safe enjoyable journey to and from games, along with 3 points for the reds!